The Outpost Training Facility | About Us
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The Outpost Training Facility started as a casual conversation about how cool it would be to start a gym based on our military training, but on our own terms. There are few professions that require the physicality that the military does, but with that physicality comes a standard. A standard that requires not only physical strength, but mental toughness, and an understanding that your level of fitness is a critical part of the trust instilled in the men and women around you.

Today we’ve traded in the uniforms, dip cans and energy drinks for shorts, barbells and protein shakes. We’ve found a new way to serve. We are focused on creating a community concentrated on fitness, as a means of bridging the gap between veterans and civilians. Moving forward we hope that our facility will provide a space where veterans and civilians alike can help each other to understand the different experiences and talents that each brings to the table.

Matt & Josh - The Outpost Training Facility Founders